Sunday, January 17, 2010

stating the obvious

If I had a quarter for everytime someone told me "You have your hands full!" I swear I would be rich!!  I hear this daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and the majority of the time it is from strangers.  I used to take offense thinking 'Do they think I can't control my children?'  'Am I a bad mom?'  Then I went from being offended to trying to make a joke about it.  The problem with that was I am by NO means a stand-up comedian, so instead of oozing humor I'm pretty sure it looked more like nervous energy. 

These days I have resorted to taking that comment in stride.  'Yes, I do have my hands full'.  You would most likely see me at Target with a screaming baby, one child running recklessly through the isles and another child walking 10 steps behind me using a high-pitched whiney voice.  The fact of the matter is that my hands are full! And guess what my pockets are empty, my hair probably hasn't been brushed and I most likely have stains on my shirt. . .but I wouldn't have life any other way!  I like my full hands, in fact, I LOVE my full hands. 

So next time you see a busy mommy and her busy kids and you feel compelled to make a comment, why don't you make it a complement.  How about 'You sure do have adorable kids!' (even if they do have bedhead, booger noses and a great set of lungs!) or 'You're doing a great job!' or 'You are so blessed!'  You will most likely make that mom's day!!  And if you can't think of a nice complement then just keep your mouth shut, because chances are that mom already knows the obvious!        

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was only one who ever got these comments! I always thought it was cause I have all boys! My reply is always, "it's a good full!"
Love you friend!~Julie

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