Monday, January 25, 2010

ugly duckling

it was one of those days that nothing i owned looked good on me.  it was either too tight, out of style, maternity or just plain blah. . . i finally put some make-shift outfit together, and told myself to just stop looking in the mirror.  i mean, really, who cares what the heck i look like?  still feeling the three f's (frumpy, fat and fashionless), i decided to tell my husband my feelings.  this is how our conversation went:

ME:  "Uhhhh, I just feel so E-G-L-Y today (i had to spell it b/c i didn't want to girls to hear me)."

HUBBY:  "Wait, did you just say E-G-L-Y?  Don't you mean U-G-L-Y?"

ME:  "Noooo, I. . .. uuugggghhhh, YES I did!!!!" 

so not only was i ugly today, i guess i was stupid too!! 

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