Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little affirmation

Dear Mom,
Thank you for taking such good care of us!! We appreciate you always picking up our toys, giving us baths, and preparing our meals. We really do think you are the best chef around.
Thank you for allowing us to play with our friends, taking us to the park and going on fun adventures to Disneyland, Jump N’ Jammin, the mall, the Spectrum and especially Target. Running errands with you is so much fun! We think you play “school” the best and wish you could play with us all day long. We really do understand that you have to do laundry; wash dishes, vacuum and keep the house clean for us.
Thank you for reading us books, tucking us in at night, teaching us to pray and giving us lots of tickles and kisses. Thank you for loving us when we are naughty and making us behave, even if that does entail a spanking or two. I am grateful for you kindness and patience. Mom, you are the best and we love you to pieces!

Emma, Chloe and Alyssa

Okay, okay so they didn’t really write this letter, but does a little self-affirmation every once in awhile ever really hurt?

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