Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fight Club

In this corner, weighing in at 42 lbs., we have 'The Mouth'.  This small wonder has the ability to use her mouth to yell, scream, whine, cry, and tattle-tell on her opponent.  She teases and taunts her enemies into submission, and has even been known to use sweet talk to confuse her innocent prey.  She can twist most any situation into her favor if you let her talk about it long enough, and she makes being sassy look easy.  She is relentless, competitive and determined to win most any fight.  If you back her up into a corner, prepared to get a mouth full!

In the other corner, weighing in at 35 lbs., we have 'Scrappy'.  She may not have all the words her opponent has, but she makes up for it by hitting, pushing, kicking and pinching.  When really mad, she has even been known to pull a 'Mike Tyson' and take a bite out of the person that enraged her.  Not only does this whipper-snapper use her fiesty fists to ward off trouble, she is quick on the drawl and is able to get jabs in before the referee even sees her.  She has a quick wit about her and uses her loud vocal cords as an alarm when she backed into a corner.  Her competitive spirit and need to be #1 keeps her a cut above the rest.  If you care to wrangle with this fighter prepare to walk away with a few bumps and bruises.
 Care for front row tickets to this rumble?  The fight takes place 7 days a week, 13 hours a day, stop by anytime to get a piece of the action!

So who will you be putting your money on?


Anonymous said...

Pretty scary combo....... You should talk about the "guts" of the referee. That job takes courage.

Anonymous said...

As I said before- you make me laugh out loud every time I read one of your entries! You might want to look into a "night job" as a stand up comedian! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Allyssa in a few years, that little featherweight is going to get it from both ends which will toughen her up quick. My money's on the grunt!!!!

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