Friday, April 9, 2010

STOP the Insanity

Yes it's true. I had a brief moment of insanity today. I promised my little lovebugs that we could bake cookies together. I always have the mind set that this is going to be a truly wonderful experience with one child stirring, the other pouring ingredients, and me in my apron acting like Mrs. Brady (from the Brady Bunch, of course). It NEVER turns out like that, I should really think twice before starting out on this venture, but I remain optimistic that one day it will.

Today was not the day . . .

No, today was the day that mommy totally lost it. The girls were fighting over ingredients, who was going to pour, who was going to stir, spilling things everywhere and wouldn't keep their little fingers out of the cookie dough for the life of them! I swear I felt like they each grew six hands and those hands were into EVERYTHING. Meanwhile my sweet baby wanted to be held, of course, right? She is literally screaming her head off. So I have grabby hands, fighting and screaming all while trying to bake some darn good chocolate chip cookies. I should have stopped right there. Taken a time-out and reassessed the situation. But no, I was determined to make this thing work. Well somewhere between my ump-teenth time of yelling 'STOP FIGHTING', with the baby in one hand and trying to measure flour with the other, I lost it. I put the baby in her crib; I jerked my whining three-year-old off the counter and swatted her behind a couple of times before putting her buns on the couch for a time out. I was ranting about how they never stop fighting, they aren't listening to mommy and how this was supposed to be fun.  I felt like a mad woman, and I must have looked like one too.

All of us were in tears.

Finally Emma gets up the guts to speak, through her tears, and says, "Mommy I think you just need a hug." My temporary insane moment was gone. I felt terrible and we started over. I got the baby out of the crib; put her back on my hip, hoisted Chloe back onto the counter and apologized for being a crazy mommy. Thank goodness kids are resilient, quick to forgive and don't hold grudges. Those little girls quickly got smiles on their faces, perfected their cookies and all was forgotten.  Needless to say, they got a big spoon of cookie dough for putting up with mommy's melt-down!

Oh how I love them!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a well deserved melt down to me!

Hannah2016 said...

You are such a good mommy, Misty.

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