Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Incident

One of Alyssa's new favorite things to do is feed herself.  I have been experimenting with new healthy finger foods and found some recipes online last night that I was eager to try today.  I got all the necessary ingredients, had the girls go outside and play with chalk to keep them out of my hair for a good 30 minutes, then started preparing some Broccoli Cheese Nuggets.  I decided to use the hand-held-food-processor to get the job done without a mess, great idea right?  WRONG.

This little gadget. . . 

Landed me here. . . 
I very stupidly decided I needed to use my finger to clean the food out of the blade area so it would run more smoothly.  I swiped the food with my left hand as I simultaneously pushed the GO button with my right hand.  It all happened in a flash, and I really thought I had cut the top of my finger off.  I immediately called Hamid who just happened to be getting in his car to make the 30 MINUTE drive home.  I'm in a new town, I know no one, I don't even know where the hospital is, so I did what any good girl would do. . . called her mommy!!

My mom stayed on the phone with me until Hamid arrived home (23 minutes later!).  She told me to apply pressure, googled the nearest hospital and kept me calm.  The baby had poop in her diaper, neither of the girls had shoes on and Chloe had NO pants on, but nevertheless we were on our way to the ER.  One good thing about living in a small community, is that we were the only ones in the whole ER.  Needless to say, we got amazing service!!  
Several lacerations through my fingernail and on the front, side and back of my index finger. . . and 8 stitches later, I finished the Broccoli Cheese Nuggets.  These little nuggets better be Alyssa's new FAVORITE food!!!  


Anonymous said...

Oh-No! Hope your finger feels better soon. Might not be thinking this right now, but you are really lucky! (Could have been much worse!) We miss you down here!

Jeanne said...

Holy Cow! That's terrible, Misty! Yoou've only been there a week, girl! Geez! I will pray for a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah2016 said...

You FINISHED making the Nuggets?

Misty Sedehi said...

I finished the darn nuggets and Alyssa LOVED them!!!

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