Tuesday, September 21, 2010

National What?!

I'm sure you ALL know that this week is National NO T.V. Week, so exciting isn't it (hopefully you are reading that in a sarcastic tone!)?!!  

Emma came home from school yesterday bawling because her teacher encouraged the class not to watch T.V.  My girl LOVES T.V.  She has her "shows" that she enjoys watching and would gladly spend hours zoning out in front of the bright shiny box.  I try and put limits on T.V. time in our house, but let's face it, MY KIDS WATCH alot of T.V.   In fact, that's probably their preferred activity, not to mention mommy's prime time for getting things done around the house.  

Well, after I witnessed Emma's melt-down at the thought of losing her precious T.V. time, I knew this was a challenge that we had to partake in.  

First, I explained to her what a 'challenge' was, she's competitive so I knew that was the route to take!  Then we made a list of all the things we can do instead of watching T.V.  Chloe and Emma came up with a list of 25 activities!  

I have to admit the first day was hard, not on the girls but on MOMMY!  The girls wanted me to 'play' with them.  Play with them!?  But I had a dirty kitchen, needed to fold some laundry, sweep the floors, vacuum, take out the trash (I mean what if someone REALLY important were to stop by and see my wreck of a house?!), oh yeah, and I could barely shake the urge to 'google' something.  

But we played . . . and went for a walk, drew pictures, did some homework, laughed and talked.  I enjoyed my girls and realized that I am missing out on their lives by putting my "to-do" list in front of them.  It's amazing how we can fall into habits and routines and forget the importance of the present moment.  With my babysitter (aka the T.V.) out of commission, I was forced to do things differently.  My chores and busyness took a back seat, and at the end of the day it felt good.  Don't get me wrong it was a loooong day, but a great day!

NO, I am not about to take all the T.V.'s out of my house, but I do want to spend more quality time with my kiddos.  My dad always said that it takes two weeks to make a habit and two weeks to break a habit. . . so maybe the 3 Sedehi Sisters should have an extended version of National NO T.V. Week.   

Okay, that may be a little ambitious, so ask me again next Monday and I will let you know if that's still the case!

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