Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Amnesia

It never fails, every October I seem to get amnesia. Fall-like weather starts to set in, and the giddiness of the holidays begin to cloud my logic.  Images of Jack-o-lanterns start dancing in my head.  I think to myself, "How fun would it be to carve a pumpkin?  The kids are surely big enough this year to help!!!"

We pick up our pumpkins, set out our supplies and talk about how super-cool our jack-o-lanterns are going to look this year!

We start by carving the lid, the girls get in a few good saws and then it's up to Mommy to finish the job.

Next we scoop out the goop, of course this part is "too gross" for the girls to touch, so it's up to Mommy to finish the job.

The girls pick out the design they want for their pumpkins, then sit back and watch as Mommy brings the design to life.  They get a few saws in here and there, but of course it's up to Mommy to finish the job. 

Two hours later, the girls very proudly pose with THEIR jack-o-lanterns and I think to myself, "I am NEVER doing that again!"

Until next year, that is. . .

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