Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mi Casa es Su Casa

In my opinion, there is nothing better than house guests!!  I know I may be weird, but I truly love to host people at my house.  Cleaning the house, shopping and getting everything just right before they arrive. . .so fun!  Making plans about what we will do and where we can go.  .  . divine!  I am a homebody at heart, but I also LOVE people.  So when people come to visit it's comparable to a weekend in Jamica for me! 

This weekend I got to host two of my dearest friends, Heather and Kelly, and their very sweet kiddos.  This trip has been planned for months, and I have been looking forward to it since the second it was planned!  I talk to these girlfriends almost daily and the only thing that has changed in our relationship over the last several months is proximity.  I was dying to show them all the 'hot spots' of B-town, okay so maybe they are more like luke-warm spots, but you get my drift.  

We started the weekend with a typical Sedehi family friday night. . . at the UCSB women's soccer game!!!  The kids were comparable to wind-up toys.  They were running here and there and EVERYWHERE with excitement!!  The cool thing is that not only are these ladies some of my dearest friends, but their kiddos are best buddies with my girls.  It was so cute to see them reunited.

The next day was full of children, in every room of the house!  There was laughter, fighting, crying and more laughter.  Hungry kids, happy kids, half-dressed kids, sleeping kids, busy kids.  Moms chattering, moms on their computers, moms feeding children and moms loving on kiddos. 

We finally were able to round up the troops, pile them in cars, and head out for a little field trip late in the afternoon.  We headed to the minature horse farm and then apple picking at Apple Lane (which just so happened to have pumpkins too!!).  The kids loved being outside, being together and experiencing nature.  I think the moms' were just excited with the photo opts!  

My very kind husband offerred to watch ALL SEVEN children, mind you they are all 6 years and under, for a couple of hours so us ladies could do some wine tasting.  YAY for my hubby, YAY for friends and YAY for wine tasting!!!  There is no doubt that Hamid got his world rocked in those two hours we were gone, but he was happy to oblige!  LOVE HIM!!
The weekend was loud and a bit chaotic at times, but to me, it was absolute PERFECTION.

Needless to say, I cried like a baby when they left!  Oh how I wish they lived down the street, oh how I wish that every weekend could be like THIS weekend!  I love you girls!!!!  Thanks for making the trip to come visit us, it really meant so incredibly much to have you here.  I miss you more than you know, but relish in the fact that when we get together it's like we were never apart! 

Oh great, now I am crying again!!!  Soooo who's coming to visit next???  Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone????


The Dorans said...

Geez, now I'm crying....

It looks like you guys had a fun weekend. Cute post!!

The Currier Family said... i'm crying too. miss you.

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