Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm BAAAAACK!!!!!!

Life has been a tad bit hectic lately. . . okay, A LOT hectic!! I've been keeping myself busy being a room mom in two classrooms (who does that?), volunteering to be the Lead Chair for "Make a Mess Day" at the preschool, (yes, I said volunteer, it's been confirmed I have LOST MY MIND!!), attending a weekly morning bible study and weekly evening homegroup, working 20 hours a week (that's right I got a job working from home!!), finding time to workout 3-4 days a week (this happens every January), being a kick-butt wife (no comment needed). . . oh and being a MOM to the three (extremely active) Sedehi Sisters!!! Now that you are caught up, would you like to know the new way that to spell TROUBLE. . .


Here she is caught in the act of coloring on the fridge.

One of the few moments when she is not running.

Her new favorite activity. . . climbing up to the TOP bunk by herself!

She is a cutie-pie, but so very, very busy

Lucky for me, I can bribe her with good ol' Mickey Mouse.

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