Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
I can’t believe it’s already been two years since you have passed.  I have peace knowing that your body is no longer in pain, but I miss you so.  It’s funny how death can physically take a person away, but I can still feel your presence and hear your voice. 
The girls are growing and changing so much.  Although Alyssa never got the chance to meet you, her sisters do a good job of letting her know who you are.  They point at your picture and say, “That is Pa-Pa, say ‘Pa-Pa’.”  You would have definitely gotten a kick out of baby Alyssa.  She gives us a run for our money, and is smart as a whip.  When I get frustrated with her I say her full name in a loud voice, “ALYSSA DALE.”  Then immediately a smile comes across my face as I remember she was named after you, and there is no doubt that she got some of Pa-Pa's attitude!  Chloe still talks about you the most; she wants to send every balloon she gets your way.  She is convinced that you are collecting them all for her.  She talks about reuniting with you someday in heaven.  She has a kind, sweet heart and a beautiful voice.  When she sings I think to myself, she got that voice from her Pa-Pa!  And then there is our Emma, she has finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels.  When I was teaching her to ride, I was flooded with memories of how you taught us to ride our bikes, thank you for teaching us so much Dad!  Emma is one smart girl; she is learning to read and has an amazing memory.  I think about all the things that you would have taken the time to teach her, I envision you two having philosophical conversations.  She definitely got some of Pa-Pa’s intellect! 
Jeremy is doing well, they have finally moved into their brand new home.  I know you are beaming with pride, at such a huge accomplishment!!  He is an amazing uncle, he spoils the girls rotten and makes every effort to play with them.  He definitely fills in the gaps when we go visit Nana!!  Of course the one who spoils the girls the very most is Nana!  I can just see you shaking your head with a slight smirk on your face, at the fact that she tends to be a little overboard when it comes to the girls, but that’s Mom.  She is actually doing great!  She is happy, and I know that would make you happy.  I have to admit, there is a sense that something is missing when we are all together and you aren’t with us.  We miss you dad!
Recently, Hamid and I read through the wedding service that you wrote for us.  I love that the whole service was handwritten by you, I love looking at your handwriting.  I love the words you strung together.  My heart is fill with joy to know that you experienced that intimate moment with us.  There is no doubt, I can think about all the moments you are missing right now, but I also feel so blessed about all the moments that you were able to spend with us.  Losing you is a constant reminder that life is precious, life is short and every day counts. 
You remain alive in the lives of the people you have touched.  I love you so much Dad!!!   
Your Punky

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Julie said...

Well if my eyes weren't filled with tears I may be able to type! I love you my dear friend! That was a very sweet message to your dear old dad. It's amazing how we both lost our dads so close in time. So much of your post I could relate to. Mason talks about my dad the most. He always talks about the things they did together. He also sends every balloon up to Papa. We got & get special red ones (his favorite color) and send them to him on the day he passed. Michael is my child named after my dad & boy is he his clone! Such attitude & spunk just like him. Then there is Mark, my dad only had 7 months with him, but like you said, his brothers have told him who he is in pictures. We are blessed Misty, to have such wonderful memories of our fathers. Things like handwriting, certain pictures, clothes, we will always keep & treasure. I know your dad is so proud of the woman, wife & mother you have become! I love you! Thanks for an amazing post!

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