Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call It A Comeback

No doubt, it's been awhile FOREVER since I have blogged.  Honestly, I forgot my password when I was trying to sign-in.  I have million and two excuses as to why it's been so long. . . but no one really cares about that, right?!  I am just going to chalk it up to L.I.F.E. . .  well that and three extremely busy little bodies! 

(there is no hope in getting all three of them to look at the camera AND smile at the same time!)

Now to fill you in on the last several months. .

Our Big-in' (aka Emma, aka 'The First Grader')
She can officially read and write.  And with this rite of passage she has a new found pass time of reading my text messages. . . so be careful what you send me people!  She kicks butt in school, but if you ask her she will tell you she wants to go back to kindergarten. 

Our Bridge (aka Chloe, aka 'The Kindergartner')

This girl has a flare for style, she is a little flambouant and tends to accessorize too much. . . but that's the cool thing about being five years old, right?!  She is thriving in kindergarten, and is convinced that she knows everything there is to know in life.  She gets really mad when I try to set her straight, so I spend most of my time just smiling and nodding.

Our Baby (aka Alyssa, aka "Terrible Two-meister")

Where do I even begin?  She's two. .. she tantrums, demands, over uses the word 'no' and wrecks a clean house, but she is has us laughing the whole day long!  She thinks she's just as big as her sisters and insists on wearing their clothes, playing with their toys and even going with them to school.  She is smitten by her big sisters and watches copies their every move!  They love to make her repeat crazy words/phrases and make silly faces.  Their laughter fuels her, she's a riot! 

So there you have it. . . my attempt to come back into the world of bloggers!  I promise not to stay gone so long, but then again L.I.F.E. is unpredictable! 

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Carla Dbach said...

Seriously, is this how I have to keep in touch with you??? Are kids go to the same school (not to mention in the same grade) and we live a whole 5 minutes from one another....... aarrgghh all those darn responsibilities and commitments, yuck!!!

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