Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Alter Ego

My poor little blog has spiderwebs all over it, it's been a very long time since it has been given any attention.  So I have decided to try and put a little life back into it.  Hopefully along the way, my old readers will return and I will pick up some new ones (if you are new to the blog, feel free to catch up with old posts!).

I most definitely think 2013 is going to be a shifty year for our family; with a new family business in the works, the possibility of me going back to work full-time and trying to balance our family life with three tireless little girls - change is definitely in the air!  Hope you enjoy my first post. . . . . 

Friends who know me really well, know that I like diets.  I think I have tried them ALL.  I know what your thinking, "She must be really thin."  Well that probably wouldn't be the first word you would use to describe me, but nonetheless I still love a good diet!  I think what interests me most about a diet is learning a new way to eat, cook and survive!  Diets are like mini-challenges to me.  Plus,  I love to try new recipes and spend hours in the kitchen.  Yes, I know, I AM SICK!  Honestly, I think my alter ego is an hippie who shops exclusively at farmer's markets, smirks at the thought of eating fast food, grows my own food, only buys organic and totally enjoys tofu.  Too bad the real me is sipping on a diet coke while typing this post!     

My newest eating kick is totally going to feed my alter ego, it is what is referred to as 'clean eating'.  I am basically trying to cut out highly processed foods, sugars and white flour.  On a weekly basis, I am fairly good about making dinner from scratch (using an occasional boxed food item).  Of course breakfast, lunch and snacks have always been easier for me to "prepare" with a little help from my packaged friends!

Sometime ago I stumbled upon the website 100 Days of Real Food, and have been wanting to take their 100 day challenge of eating REAL food.  After looking through my pantry and comparing it to their list of REAL foods, I realized that my family was eating A LOT more 'junk' then I was admitting too.  As a mom, I feel like we are continually inundated by the fact that we should be feeding our kids healthy food the majority of the time, yet it's so much easier to turn to packaged/processed food because of our busy lifestyles.  I have to admit, I have heard numerous times how processed foods are horrible for us, but for some reason I keep buying them.  I chose to ignore the facts and take the easy way out.  But let's face it, cooking healthy foods should be a priority and my Facebook habit should probably be put on the back burner!  

Enough is enough, I have decided to give this 'clean eating' phenomenon a try and at the very least break some of my family's bad eating habits, if not become a total health nut (gasp!).  Lucky for you, I am going to use this blog as a source of accountability.  Since I am giving this REAL food 'diet' a try, I have decided to be REAL about how it is actually working for our family!  So stay tuned while my alter ego takes over, if only temporarily.     

{Sidenote:  for those of you who know me really well you totally have permission to rouse me in approximately two weeks when I have totally blown off this new fad, thanks in advance for your support!}


Miss Marta said...

As someone that KINDA knows you, and hopes to get to know you MUCH MUCH more, I look forward to watching from the outside in as you embark on this journey. I will be there to support you, cheer you, and guide you when needed....not so sure I will be partaking in the craziness with you however. I am right there with you, but just dont think I can go to those extremes. What I most look forward to?....watching from the outside and learning from you! <3

Becky Scherle said...

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you! Sounds like a fun challenge, one you're sure to use to inspire many. God bless you!

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