Monday, January 25, 2010

a spoon full of sugar

I was at the park yesterday with my three children and one of their friends, when this very sweet woman made a funny comment. . .

"You must be Super Woman, I don't know how you can manage 4 kids, and I can't even manage my 1!"  I laughed. Cause what else is there to do, but laugh politely?  Then I started day dreaming, because that's what you do when you are pushing two kids on the swings while rocking the baby in the stroller back and forth, am I Super Woman?  NO. It's more like Insane Woman or maybe even Crazy Girl. I mean, who wants to be Super Woman anyways?? Do you really think red tights and a cape would be figure flattering on me!  I DON'T THINK SO!! Although flying, time travel and super-human strength would be fun, is it really practical? Not hardly!

So what super hero would this mom of three really want to be you ask, Wonder Girl? Cat Woman? Xena? The Bionic Woman? I don't know, they all seem like a lot of work, and they all wear really tight outfits! Ah-ha, I can think of one woman that would come in handy. But she doesn't have super powers . . . or does she??

She is stern, vain and almost always cross, she makes children behave, makes them take their medicine, sings, carries everything she could possibly need in a stylish bag, has tea parties on the ceiling, has a conservative sense of style, AND she flies (well more like floats, but still!). . .

That's it, I want to be Mary Poppins, SHE is MY super hero!!!  C'mon, who's with me?!

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Julie said...

I'm there!
love your friend~ Julie

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