Friday, February 5, 2010

Counting My Blessings

A year ago we were amazed, speechless, in shock and dumbfounded. We found out that we were expecting our third child.

“How could this be?” “We had thought we had taken precautions?” “Do we want three children?”

Hamid had just lost his job, we only had health insurance until June and my dad was on his death bed . . . wasn’t that enough to deal with?

Nevertheless, this little blessing began to grow inside of me, ever so slowly winning over my heart. I remember when she first started kicking, the reality of having another baby started to set in. She would start to move in my tummy every night after I put the girls to bed. I remember touching my growing belly and thinking how on earth am I going to handle three kids? I was apprehensive about having enough love in my heart, time on my hands and energy to exude. I struggled with being an impatient, large, pregnant mommy, and it was NO fun! By the end of summer I was DONE being pregnant. I wanted to see my toes, button my pants and sleep on my tummy, and I definitely wanted nothing more to do with the grumpy, emotionally charged hormones that had overtaken me. Then, finally, in October she made her big debut.

A year ago I had NO idea how smitten I would be with this little person or how wonderfully perfect she would fit into our family. She has taken all of our hearts captive with her toothless smile and her sweet little coos. You should do the back flips we do just to hear her laugh!  I am obsessed with this baby and can’t imagine life without her!!

A year ago she was a surprise and today we are fanatical, infatuated, and head over heels in love with this little girl!!! God knew what he was doing when he gave us this precious blessing and I am so glad He did!!!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet! See what the 3rd can do? I told you so!
love you friend~Julie

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