Thursday, February 4, 2010

a painful discovery

i've been out of commission.  no, legitimately out of comission. out patient surgery got the best of me.   

i was a good patient for the first day, but that was only because i HAD to be. . . the drugs made do it. 

the second day i was good for about half the day, then tried to use my super human strength to overcome the pain.  the pain won. 

today is the third day and i am feeling much better.  not quite 100 percent, more like 70 percent.  but i figure on any given day there's at least a handful of moms that would be more than happy to be operating 70 percent, right?  

 so surgery confirmed that i don't take well to being taken care of, nor am i a good patient.  geesh, i could have told you that without all the pain!     

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope it was nothing too serious-(well obviously it was for surgery, but you know what I mean!) Take it easy and feel better soon!

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