Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothing Really.

I really have nothing to blog about, but here I go. . .

I guess I could tell you about how ALL three of my children are on antibiotics, right now this very second.  Emma has an ear infection, Chloe has urinary reflux and the baby has RSV.  I think my doctor needs to put one of those credit card scanners in his office.  You know, the kind where I can just wave my card in front of it and it automatically dings my account 30 buck-o-roos.  Whoever said kids were expensive was wrong, it's the darn doctors that are expensive!!

Hmmm, I might could even tell you about how my newborn is now 5 months old and I am still FAT.  Yes, I said the 'F' word, don't roll your eyes and try to make me feel better.  It's no longer baby weight people, believe me I have been stuffing my face with some pretty taste treats lately.  Yes indeed, I am closer to 200 lbs right now than 100 lbs, and, by the way I am only 5'2" (I can't believe I just divulged that information!!!).  That my friend is not happiness to me.  It's a life of avoiding cameras, hiding behind sweaters and dreading summer!  I long for the days when my closet and drawers were full of the letter M.  (You know, the one that stands for MEDIUM), but these days if it ain't elastic and over-sized I really don't even want to look at it.  That being said I did take my chunky self on a run today, there were snails moving faster than me, but nevertheless it was a start, right? 

I could also describe to you the story of how I slammed my 3 year olds pinky finger in the Tahoe's door on Friday evening.  It swelled up like a balloon, but did-not-break.  I seriously think she is made out of rubber!  But it didn't stop there, I also shut my 4 year old's pinky in the bedroom door early this evening.  Seriously?  I think the run I did this morning sucked the oxygen right out of my brain. 

See, my life is rather boring.  But I am glad you are staying tuned in to see what happens next!

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