Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Big Break

I am headed out of town this weekend with my sweet baby girl in tow, while the two big girls stay home with daddy.  Oh, this is what every mom dreams of, a break! 

It is our church's annual Women's Retreat and I am giddy with excitment for the weekend to begin.  You are sure to smell burning rubber tomorrow afternoon as I flee as fast as I can, but as soon as I turn the corner from our house I am guranteed to have a little saddness will set in my heart.  I know I will instantly miss my girls and my main man.  The joy they give me is immeasurable and taking care of them is my every joy. . . but I  know, deep down, they are going to have the time of their lives together!!  I have NO doubt that daddy will be busy feeding them Mickey-D's, taking them to the movies, letting them stay up late, encouraging them to play hours of video games and allowing sleepovers in 'mommy's bed.'  They will be loved and cherished on by their daddy, and what little girl doesn't think that's the best thing ever?  

Of course Mommy couldn't leave without a few things in order.  I made sure to organize the clothes in their drawers and put the 'cute' ones on top (in hopes that they may wear something of cuteness while I am away).  The washing machine has been emptied, because we all know how 3-day-old, musty clothes can really ruin your day.  The dishwasher has been unloaded and is ready to be filled with the weekend's odds and ends.  Their favorite snacks are ready and waiting upon their request and cold juice is in the fridge.  My piece of mind is in tact, but I am sure as I doze off to sleep on Friday and Saturday nights I will think of all the things I forgot for them. 

Sure, I complain of being tired, spent and worn to pieces, but those kids are my life, and that hubby I love more than anything.  One of the hardest parts of being a mommy, is knowing you need a break and then when you get it, realizing how much you miss life just the way it is. . .

So here's to many memories being made this weekend with daddy and his daughters.  I will long to be a part of each one of them, but know that some memories have to be made without mommy being present.  I am grateful to have a wonderful, supportive hubby who allows me to go and welcomes me home!!! 

Oh, and I won't be totally without children.  I am sure baby Alyssa will be eating up the attention of being an 'only child.'  Luckily she is little enough to never remember how that feels!!   

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