Friday, April 2, 2010

The Land of Yes

If you were to ask some locals, they might refer to Fresno as “The NO."  If you ask me, it sounds a bit corny, but if you were to ask the girls they would say it's just not true.  See, the girls believe that Fresno is the 'Land of Yes.'  Fresno is where Nana lives, and when they are at Nana's house they are in a whole different land . . .

Nana's house is a land where chocolate milk runs from the faucet, jelly beans grow from the trees and ice cream always makes a good afternoon snack.  There's never any need to fuss with getting dressed or mess with brushing their hair, because they never have to leave the house.  Bedtime doesn't exist, and the only thing on the television is a cartoon.  Oh, and there is always a new outfit awaiting them, with new shoes to boot.

It's a land where they can color Easter eggs first thing in the morning.
. .

. . . and then spend the rest of the day in the backyard having egg hunts.

It's a land where there's always time for silly games with uncle and auntie.  Games that mommy would frown upon, like the crazy name game where you try to think of something crazy to call the other team like 'you're a hotdog face' or 'you're a zhu-zhu pet'.

This Land is so much fun, sometimes the girls just can't contain themselves anymore.  Sometimes they just have to lay on the floor, overdosed on sugar and be overcome by the sillies and let it all out.

Oh the glorious Land of Yes!


Heather said...

emma and chloe look so old!!! I can't believe how big they are getting!! Looks like you are having fun!! We miss you!!

Janice Amon said...
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Janice Amon said...

Is this place "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?" There's no place like Fresno.....There's no place like Fresno......Go ahead - you can say it...

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