Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That Kind of Mom

I am feeling a little introspective today.  For some reason I need to pick on someone, so I am going to pick on myself.

So, I started thinking about the kind of mom I am and the kind of kids I have.  Just like snowdrops, there are no two moms alike, right?  (Stay with me, people.)  I definitely don't have all the answers or keep the perfect home.  My kids can be a bit unruly and my house isn't always clean.  C'mon none of us are perfect, we all have funny little quirks.  (Right?!)

Here are a few things I came up with that make this mom unique. . . 

I am the kind of mom who keeps a tidy house, but a messy bedroom.

I am the kind of mom who loves to create star charts for my kids, but can also be seen walking around the house with a wooden spoon in my pocket.

I am the kind of mom who sometimes needs to scream into a pillow to get frustration out, and can't figure out why my children think screaming is an appropriate behavior. 

I am the kind of mom who likes to read to my kiddos, but doesn't like to tell stories.

I am the kind of mom who hates extremely dislikes sitting down to a home cooked meal with my picky children, but loves to cook with them.

I am the kind of mom who would rather take my children to Target than to the park.

I am the kind of mom who loves to be crafty with my kids, but hates cleaning up the mess.

I am the kind of mom who thinks about doing the laundry and putting it away on a daily basis, but it really only gets done one day of the week (if I am lucky!).

I am the kind of mom who can't stand to put a my own hair up, but loves to put my the girls' hair in ponytails, braids and pigtails.

I am the kind of mom who would much rather have guests at my house than be a guest.

I am the kind of mom who always wants to be on time, even if that means having a panic attack trying to get out the door.

I am the kind of mom who loves my children to a million little pieces, but can't wait to put them to bed every night.

So there you go, I guess I am just that kind of mom.


Anonymous said...

I think you are the best mom in the whole wide world. That's what kind of mom I am.

Julie said...

Right there with you on so many girl! You are so putting my little turkies to bed the most! :) love you friend!

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