Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend on the Road

Over the weekend we took a road trip to the Central Coast.  This was our first over-night trip in a hotel room as a family of five!!

We started our day on State Street in Santa Barbara, the girls loved running around and checking our all the cool stores.

We were lucky enough to find a local street fair that was geared toward 'reading to your children.'  All the activities were completely free!  The girls got to listen to story-tellers, make their own bookmarks, get their faces painted and even meet Valerie Tripp (the author of the American Girl books)!  Before leaving we got to stop by a table and pick out a FREE book of their choice from Scholastic. 

Then it was off to explore Lompoc and check-in to our hotel room.  To our dismay, Lompoc had very little excitement to offer, but who knew that a hotel room could be so fun!  There were beds to jump on and cartoons to watch, the girls were in heaven!!

After a restful afternoon at the hotel (well, for Daddy at least!), we headed to Solvang for some dinner and dessert!  Alyssa had her first experience in a restaurant high-chair, and LOVED grabbing everything off the table and dropping in on the floor!

A family trip wouldn't be complete without a stop off at the soccer field.  On our way home we stopped in Camarillo for the State Cup Tournament, and to our surprise we ran into some good friends that we haven't gotten to play with in a long time!  The girls spent the afternoon playing at the park, watching soccer balls fly and of course eating snack bar food. 

It was a fun filled weekend on the beautiful Central Coast!!   


Anonymous said...

Teagan slept like a champ- she was worn out from all the playing! It was great to see you- hope to see you again soon!

Auntie Kim & Uncle Sean said...

It looks like you guys had a great weekend. I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Back to my old stompin ground! SB is a lot of fun, they always got stuff going on downtown like that. You guys woundn't happen to be moving there eh?

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