Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Lighter Shade of Green

I have a friend, Kristi, who is totally green.  No really, she doesn't just recycle, she does so much more to save our earth.  In my opinion she should be classified as Army Green.  She is awesome and I totally respect that she has made being environmentally friendly a part of her life.  She makes it look easy by using green products, using cloth diapers, supporting local farmers, practicing organic housekeeping, using homemade beauty remedies and she recycles/reuses EVERYTHING.  A few months ago she gave some of us, enviromentally UN-friendly people, some tips on small things we can change to help the environment.  She really convinced me that I could do small things that would make a big difference.  

Here's the deal, my shade of green is more of a mint, but at least I am trying, right?  I have started recycling (yes, I said STARTED, I never did it before!!), bought some earth friendly cleaning products, am starting to bring my own bags to the store and am trying to reuse containers before throwing them out.  The more I do the easier it is to find more things to do.  I even made my own baby wipes, it was so easy and SO cheap.  To my surprise going green can actually save you money!  Don't get me wrong, I am not the poster child for the 'going green' campaign, but I am trying by changing small, everyday things.  I think that is something we all can do to make the earth a cleaner, stronger, healthier place to live.  Just TRY!  

So Happy Earth Day to both the enviromentally friendly and not so friendly people out there! 

Now go recycle something!!!! 

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