Sunday, May 2, 2010

Date Night

I am convinced that every little girl should 'date' her daddy.  A daddy should be the first to set the dating bar high.  They have the ability to teach girls that they are to be respected, loved and adored.  A 'date' is all about 'wooing' the girl.  This is where little girls learn the basics of a fabulous date!  Daddy's open doors, take them to thier favorite restaurants, discuss all the things they love most and return them home before they turn into pumpkins!  Daddy's make little girls feel special, and isn't that every little girls dream come true? 

Hamid took Emma and Chloe on a 'date' tonight, and they were beside themselves with excitement.  He told them he was going to take them to their favorite restaurant, Subway, to grab some grub, and then they were off to the movies to see "How to Train a Dragon."  They politely asked him if they could wear their pj's and when he said "yes," there were squeals heard from miles around!  Hamid could care less if their hair has been combed or if they are wearing a matching outfit, and they LOVE that!!  So off they went, in their pj's, for a night out with daddy and I couldn't be happier!!!

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Heather said...

so sweet!! I love Daddy dates!!

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