Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Beloved

You may think this post is going to be about my amazing husband and his giving heart.  How he always aims to please and treats me like a queen.  Or maybe about my beautiful children, the fruit of my loin, the reason I wake up in the morning.  Or what about the friends who have touched and changed my life forever.  Well, you'd be wrong. . . 

Once upon a time, I had an obsession with pants, skirts, jeans. . . pretty much anything that covered the lower half of my body.  I had every style, color and cut.  I most likely bought a new pair every weekend.  I know it sounds odd, but I LOVED my pants. 

Unfortunately, those beloved possessions have been tuck away, nice and neat, in a rubbermaid container that lives under my bed.  See, while I was pregnant with Emma, I decided to put them away until the baby weight came off.  I knew, someday, I would be able to wear them again and couldn't bare to get rid of them.  They have lived patiently under my bed for nearly five years now!  

In preparation of our move, I have been on a purging rampage.  There is no reason to move unnecessary items, right?  I decided to clean out from under my bed, all the while having a clausterphobic attack and needing to come up for air every 30 seconds (that is an entirely different blog post). . .   I ran smack-dab into the rubbermaid treasure box.  I cracked it open, and there they were, ALL of my pants.  There must be over 20 pairs in there.  The memories of "those" days came flooding back.  "Those" days when I was a working-girl.  "Those" days when I made my own money.  "Those" days when my buns were smaller and a muffin-top didn't exist.  "Those" days when I used to shop at Gap, Express and Banana Republic.  You know, THOSE DAYS.  

Once again, I couldn't bare to give them away.  I vowed to myself that some day, I will squeeze my buns back into them.  So there you have it, a true confession.   My beloved pants are in the pile of boxes to move, in hopes that someday they'll be given a second chance!   

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Anonymous said...

you will be in them- soon!

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