Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Plane, Trains and Automobiles

My very dear friend, Jill, came to Buellton for a visit!  She rode the train to Santa Barbara, then hopped on a bus to the 'big' Buellton bus depot, AKA the street light in front of Burger King (which is conviently located across the street from our house!). 

The girls waited anxiously for her bus to arrive. . .

Lucky for us, she got here just in time for my doctors' appointment, to get the stitches out of my finger!  And like any activity that involves the 3 Sedehi Sisters, the waiting room was anything but boring. 

Alyssa decided to have a diaper blow-out, and scream bloody murder while Jill tried to clean her up.  Did I mention that I only left her two dinky little wipes to get the job done?  Emma and Chloe were bored and tried to keep themselves busy by rolling a ball back and forth and playing "kitty", but I guess the crabby, old people in the waiting room didn't think they were so cute.  Jill even got the comment, "You sure do have your hands full!"  Ahhhh, now she has finally lived a day a moment in my beloved shoes! 

Needless to say, I am SOOOOO thankful she was the one in the waiting room with the chaos, and I was in a calm, quiet room where all attention could be on my poor, misfigured finger. 

After my appointment, we found a super-yummy sandwich shop in Solvang. 

Photo Compliments of Chloe
These sandwiches were INCREDBLE, it just may be my new favorite place!!! We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping around Solvang, sampling fudge and lounging in the park.

Hanging with Hans Christian Andersen

We ended the day with a delicious lasgana dinner, a glass of wine and sleeping children, pure bliss. 

Oh how I love friends who take trains and buses to visit!! 

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Jill said...

And I absolutely loved every moment of my visit!!! Soooo glad I got hang out with you and experience your new fun neighborhood!!!

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