Friday, July 16, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

I have always wished I had a life-long friend.  You know, the kind that's been around since you were born.  The kind that you spend all of life's greatest moments with.  The kind that just feels like family, although there is no blood relation. 

Lucky for my girls, they have those kind of friends!  
These two little pumpkins are just 6 months apart. . . 
Six months later Chloe was born, 22 months later Riley was born and 15 months later Alyssa was born. 

And with each sibling added, the love continued to grow.

These kids have spent many 4th of Julys, Halloweens, Easter egg hunts, visits with Santa and of course EVERY birthday party together. 

Grady and Riley were even there to cheer Emma on for her first soccer game!
There has been many memorable play dates, a couple of stolen first kisses and lots of laughs.

So it ONLY seemed fitting that the first real play date at our new house was with the Sulkin boys!  Aunt Laura, Erin and the boys made a day trip to come see us!  It literally has been weeks since the girls have played with anyone, other than each other, and they savored every moment of it. 

We took them to the Quicksilver Horse Ranch,where the kids fell in love with all the minature horses.

Then we went into Solvang for some yummy old-fashioned ice cream cones.

Then back to the house to 'break' in the new room, backyard and pretty much WHOLE house!  There were lots of laughs and even more love. 
There is NO way that a mere 200 miles is going to stop this infinite friendship.  The memories are just going to be sweeter and the moments are going to be richer.   


Sulkin Family said...

Oh my...I'm crying! All those "baby" pictures just melt my heart!!! We had such a great time with you and the girls. Grady woke up this morning asking when we were going back again, and Riley is walking around saying, "Emma?" There is no way mere miles can keep these kids apart!!!

Jill said...

I love this!!! Glad you guys had a fun visit!!

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