Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pit Stop

How lucky are we?  We got yet ANOTHER visit from friends this week! 

The Macare family, our very dear friends, spent the week in Northern California on their family vacation.  Well they just couldn't make it back to Southern California without a pit stop in good ol' Buellton!  The girls have been so excited for their visit, and have literally asked me every day for the past week, "Are Katie and Kenzie coming TODAY?"  See, Emma and Chloe have had many fun slumber parties at the Macare house, but it was finally our turn to host a slumber party with the Macare girls at OUR HOUSE!!!!  Lucky for me, Katie is 9 and MacKenzie is 7, so it was more like free babysitting!

They kept the girls busy playing Barbies, little people and dress-up in their room, then they showered the girls, dressed them in their jammies and introduced them to the fine art of massage.  Oh, and did I mention they cleaned the girls' room too?!  This gave the adults a chance to relax, sip some margaritas and enjoy each other's company!   

Next Katie and Kenzie read Emma and Chloe bedtime stories and put them to sleep.  Hands down, best EVER slumber party!!  The Macare girls are invited back ANYTIME, and hopefully next time they stay longer than one night!! 

The next morning we were up and out of the house by 8:00 am.  We took them into Solvang get some Danish breakfast and visit our minature horse friends (again)! 

Oh, and I found my dream home. . .

Then like a flash, they were homeward bound!  It was a sweet, short visit and we can't wait for them to come visit again!!!

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