Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crying Kodak Tears

There was almost a near tragedy yesterday morning as my camera fell off of my desk and onto the hardwood floor, lens first.  No bueno!  Of course some little hands helped it fall, but I am trying to let that little detail go!  I immediately called Hamid and had a melt down.  Ugly tears were shed, I was inconsolable, the girls must have thought their mommy had lost her mind. 

Really all these tears over a camera?  Not quite.  I have been a little 'blue' lately,  I think the transition of the move has finally hit me.  I no longer live in Mission Viejo, my friends aren't right around the corner and my routine is not the same.  Going new places, by myself, with three lively little girls, seems a bit overwhelming.  I know it's normal to feel this way and the Fall will bring new routines with school starting, so it's just a matter of  pushing through the meantime.  And with three active kiddos it does no good to sit home and sulk, so I had planned a day at the Ty Warner Sea Center and I NEEDED MY CAMERA! 

We set out for our adventure at the Sea Center, located on Stern's Wharf in Santa Barbara.  On the car ride there, I was still obsessing over the loss of my camera, and decided that it couldn't possibly hurt to give it a good smack on the the steering wheel.  Lo and behold, the camera came back to life and my day was starting to look better!

The wharf was a new experience for the girls.  They had never really been on a bridge over water, and while Emma thought it was cool, Chloe was scared to death!  She couldn't help but look down at the water below and panic.  It took a lot of coaxing to get her to stand up, let alone walk on the wood slats.  She had to keep a tight grasp on either myself or the stroller the entire time.  Meanwhile, Emma was always about 10 feet in front of us exploring. 

We finally got to the Sea Center and my budding marine biologists were more than happy to explore this kid-friendly place.  (I was more than happy to have them out of the house all day!)

Emma, who is not scared of ANYTHING, not even sharks, wouldn't put these little sand sharks down! 
Of course she had her fair share of starfish holding and crab touching too.

Chloe, who is a bit more cautious, was content to explore the tide pools with a magnifying glass, put on a puppet show and dig for shells in the sand.

Right now the center is featuring a cool exhibit called 'Super Powers,' which teaches kids about the super and extraordinary adaptations some sea creatures have to survive.  It also teaches kids about the harmful effects of pollution and how we can help protect the ocean animals.  I have to admit, I even learned a thing or two! 
Chloe was happy to dress up in a cape and become a Super Hero, helping to save the ocean (Emma was too cool for the cape!). 

Of course, no trip to the ocean would be complete without some quality time in the sand.  These girls are turning into beach bums! 

Needless to say, it was a very full day, and I am so glad my camera was there to document it! 


Anonymous said...

Sorry you have been feeling blue, friend. It will get easier- and just think you have probably hung out with friends more already since you moved than the past few months! Have you found a new church yet? I bet that will help you meet some new friends to add to the mix! Cheer up- we miss you!

Jill said...

Hang in there!! I know it's rough, but you are amazingly strong and will soon feel comfortable in your new home...and during those down times, it's okay to cry!! We all need to do it every once in awhile; and it's okay to call your friends and make them listen to you's what we're here for!
Love you! On a better can share with Chloe that I used to be scared of going on a pier too. I thought my feet would fall through, no matter how much my Mom showed my that my feet were MUCH larger than the cracks! (Maybe, don't tell her that last part!)

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