Friday, August 20, 2010

Note to Self

Dear Common Sense,

I have noticed with each childbirth that you have decided to take long breaks and even extended vacations.  I do NOT appreciate this and would really like for you to stay parked in my brain so that I might utilize you at any given moment.  I really didn't appreciate the 'break' you took last night on our drive home from Fresno.  Getting lost, in the dark, with three small children in my car and taking an alternate route through a twisty mountain road with no civilization in sight was NOT fun and I hope to never experience that again.  Luckily, it doesn't take a whole lot of common sense to operate modern technology, and with a cell phone and map quest I, with a lot of help from my sister-in-law, was able to navigate out of the mess YOU put me in.  So, if and when, you decide to go on vacation or take a little break, please, please, please make sure that I am sleeping!   I have enough stress in my life and I simply can't afford to loose my common sense.

Misty Heather Sedehi

1 comment:

4Flemz said...

I love your letter! Can you write a post-it for me to stick on my desk? This applies while I am at work and held accountable for my common sense. :)

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