Monday, February 28, 2011


Should I be worried that my 5 year-old is already drawing pictures like this. . . .

By the way, that's Jake from "The Neverland Pirates," the new show on Disney Junior. . . and yes, her Dad still freaked out when he saw this.  Can't wait for the teenage years! 

It seems the longer her hair gets, the fiesty she gets!

This is how I found the girls watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together.  Aww, they do love each other!

Chloe really says the funniest things, and if you try to tell her differently she just won't accept it.  She sees the world a little different than the rest of us and that's the all more there is to love about her! 

"Mommy, someday you will be an old lady you will have to color your hair. You know, like with a crayon."

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kikihollywood said...

I love your blog, Misty! No, don't be worried, save it for middle school. :)

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