Monday, February 18, 2013

Staycation Weekend

Not only was it a four day weekend but Nana also came to visit.  HAPPY-HAPPY, JOY-JOY!!!

Nevertheless, we had to get the rugrats out of the house, to keep them from putting graffiti on the walls!  Luckily the girls have their "SB Passport", given to them at school, which gives us FREE admission to a ton of Santa Barbara attractions.

Soooooo, here's what we did. . . 

Old Santa Barbara Mission - Talk about a history lesson!  This historical mission was so fun to explore and we learned a lot too!!

Our next stop was the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History - We have been here before and we will go here again, it's definitely a "favorite place" in our household!

We ended the day by going to State Street and having some ice cream, and of course what trip to Santa Barbara is complete without a stop at Costco! 

My awesome hubby was nice enough to keep the kids busy so my mom and I could do a little shopping and wine tasting!

While we had our fun, the kids were busy at the movies and miniature golf with Daddy! 

We said goodbye to Nana, but had more friends on the way!  Hamid's best friend Frank and his wife drove up for the day to visit and take us to lunch at Dos Carlitos (GREAT friends, eh?!).  Meanwhile, the kids had a playdate with Auntie Carol (aka "Our Neighbor"), eating pizza and decorating cupcakes.  Then we ended the day with a trip to the pet store, because, after all, MOMMY PROMISED to take them!  (Mommy seriously needs to stop making promises!!)

It was a day of rest, well sort of!  We decided to take an afternoon bike ride to visit our friends (The Hazard Girls) at their lemonade stand.  They were selling lemonade, hot chocolate, cookies, brownies and some super cute crafts to raise money for their gymnastic class, which is a pretty good idea if you ask me!!!

I am POOPED from our staycation!!  Tomorrow the kids go back to school and this mamma is going to REST!!!!


Miss Marta said...

Such a good mommy! Staycations are the best, especially if you can find some new gem you haven't seen before.

You should start a blog soliciting your favorite "hidden gem" in your local town.

I will start...."The Wind Caves in Gaviota" and "The Salt Caves on State St." (kinda themed...)

Janice Amon said...

It was a wonderful time for Nanna!!!! I love being with my daughter, son-in-law & granddaughters. Life is good.

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